Charmaine Abrahams

God’s people have real problems. When we get “saved”, nobody tells you that it’s going to be smooth sailing…. God’s people have problems. We need to face up to that.

It’s not a lack of faith; it’s a fact of life in a fallen world. Problems are in the world that has been turned upside down by sin.

I have really, REALLY been struggling with my back for nearly two months. I have been to the doctor nearly every day for the last three weeks because the pain was so severe. I cried as I did my chores and driving the school children.

People looked at me strangely as I cried waiting for the robots to change, but I was speaking to God, crying… I really suffered tremendously. I spent all the money I had on doctors to the point where I was no longer bothered about food, as long as I had my medication to relieve the pain. And so much medication I had…

Be careful who you allow to help you. Be careful who you trust with your problem, let it be somebody worthy of your trust. Be careful who you confide in, beware of the council of the ungodly, who cannot offer you lasting assistance and support.

Seek someone with the answer, people who can pray with you and pray for you. Turn to Jesus; He is the Healer, the problem solver…

Jesus is the one, when my pain was overwhelming and my leg was dragging….

My muslim friend called me to tell me that she knows a man, who is blind, that can help me with my back. Melvyn, my husband rushed from work to take me to this man as an absolute last resort. I could barely walk at this time as I was bed ridden for weeks. I stood in amazement as he realigned my back. I came home rejoicing, kicking my legs up in the air, something I couldn’t do in a while. I could even dance with my daughters.

I thank the Father for using a man that cannot even see; I can see yet I take things for granted. A man, humble enough to say he is just a normal man like you and I yet he has a talent from the Most High.

Yeshua came and touched me, reach out and touch Him through your faith. He is NOT a man that he should lie. What Jesus did for me, He can do for you too….Amien!

“God, Yours is the love that I lean upon, Yours is the hand I reach for, Yours is the breast my tears find their way to, You are my comforter, You search my heart, the keeper of my secrets, my most natural conversation of my day is in pray with You, for You o’ Lord are my BEST friend!

 I Praise You Father, ALLELUIA!